Understanding the Value That Stibits Can Bring To Cryptocurrencies

Accurately assessing the true, intrinsic worth of cryptocurrencies is a complicated task that bewilders even the most accomplished economists and financial analysts. Very few predicted the meteoric rise of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that culminated a couple of years ago. Even fewer predicted the astonishing crash of cryptocurrencies across the board that followed immediately after. People debate constantly over how much Bitcoin and other crypto are truly worth, if anything at all. In the opinion of this author, however, the limitless inherent value of cryptocurrencies is undeniable.

There is good reason to believe that many virtual currencies, and Bitcoin, in particular, will eventually become a popular and predominant method of currency around the globe — especially for countries battling with an unstable political climate and extreme inflation — the likes of which we are seeing today in countries such as Venezuela, Zimbabwe, and Argentina, just to name a few.

In these troubled nations battling inflation and political instability, the use and value of cryptocurrencies for the nation’s populace are becoming more and more prevalent and apparent. In Venezuela, for example, both individuals and vendors spread across the nation have begun to spend and accept cryptocurrencies commonly — thus, in a very short period of time, crypto has become the predominant method of currency and exchange for many local communities. Even Venezuela’s president, Nicolas Maduro, has created and implemented a national cryptocurrency. Maduro is not alone in doing so, as many foreign leaders around the world have similarly initiated campaigns to create and launch their own virtual currencies. Heck, even Facebook is coming out with its own cryptocurrency! If nothing, it goes to shows that these foreign powers and top companies are launching their own virtual currencies should tell you that there is undoubtedly current and future value to be found in the world of crypto.

In this context, a move away from the current centralized monetary system seems like an inevitable step for many in our society. For those who have any interest in learning more about cryptocurrencies — i.e. what many experts believe to be the future of global currency — then the best first step in doing research is to buy and exchange real cryptocurrency. Not only is buying, exchanging, and using crypto the best way to learn more about virtual currencies and blockchain technology — but many others also believe it to be a sound long term investment considering that we, as a society, are still in the early phases of crypto adoption and popularity. But, while a plethora of cryptocurrencies have, and continue to emerge in this blossoming, new financial ecosystem, users still need an application that allows for people to send and exchange cryptocurrencies of different variations to their friends, family, and peers, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Enter Stibits: the application that makes sending and receiving cryptocurrencies as quick and simple as possible. With Stibits, users can freely test the waters of the crypto world by sending and receiving crypto coins in a matter of seconds.

Stibits is by no means daunting to use, separating itself from most, if not all other crypto exchange platforms. With the Stibits application, users are able to send virtual money simply by entering the name, email address, or phone number of the recipient. Consequently, Stibits has effectively eliminated the need for individuals to have any prior expertise or background knowledge of cryptocurrencies or the underlying blockchain technology in order to send or receive cryptocurrencies in a fast, effective, easy, and secure manner.

The value of cryptocurrencies in today’s unstable political and socio-economic climate is undeniable. At some point in the future, crypto will become widespread and prevalent to the point where even those with zero technological background and knowledge will be incentivized to buy, send, and receive cryptocurrencies. When those less technologically advanced members of society do make the switch to crypto, they will soon realize that transferring and receiving virtual cryptocurrencies is a difficult task to accomplish with most currently available exchanges. With Stibits, however, the process of sending and receiving crypto is simple enough for anyone to use. The value of simplicity drives the Stibits software and design team to produce the most user-friendly and easy to use crypto exchange on the market yet — an ideal destination for crypto owners of all age, technical proficiency and background. So, for those who share an interest learning more about the future of currency: get ahead of the game — try buying and exchanging crypto for yourself — it can even be a few dollars worth — and see what all the hype is about.



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