The Value of Simplicity: Stibits Role in Making the Transfer of Crypto Easier than Ever

Thanks to the emergence of online banking in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, the exchange of currency between two parties became a *relatively* simple process. Users, were suddenly able to send and receive currency to and from almost anyone in the world from the convenience of their homes. Then, the introduction of Smartphones and mobile banking applications made it so that these same users had even more mobility and range in their ability to send and receive money. Money services, such as PayPal and Venmo, enabled users to bypass the actual banking process and move money from one place to another with the click of a button, on a user-friendly mobile platform. Thanks to Venmo, a user could transfer up to $19,999 to his/her bank within a matter of seconds

Banking is necessary; banks are not” — (Bill Gates)

And today, the rising popularity of cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based assets has created the need for another money transfer application that makes it easier, and most importantly — secure — to transfer crypto from one user to another in a frictionless manner. Consequently, Stibits seems to fill that need; specifically, in the shape of a user-friendly graphic interface and the promise of a fast, frictionless, and secure platform from which to operate. The reasoning behind Stibits’ approach to revolutionizing money (and particularly crypto) transfers is quite basic: users seek the easiest means to achieve the end of sending and receiving money. Simple is better — exactly what Stibits seeks to convey and achieve.

Specifically, Stibits offer its users a one-of-a-kind platform that gives them the power to maintain ultimate control of their privacy and data. You may be wondering: well, how is that?

“Stibits offers a premium platform through which users can send and receive crypto currency using their name, phone number, or e-mail address”

Through Stibits’ specialized platform, users can send and receive cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based assets by providing basic information — name, phone number, or email address. Thus, Stibits makes the process of sending and receiving cryptocurrencies far easier for users who lack technical proficiency in the new and emerging world of blockchain technology and crypto. Stibits has made it so simple to send and receive cryptocurrency, that users with no prior knowledge or understanding of the underlying blockchain technology or cryptocurrencies will be able to access and navigate the systems just as simply as those who do have technical experience. The prospect of understanding blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies and their functionality can be incredibly daunting and off-putting to users — which is why Stibits has, over time, spent a significant amount of time and resources to develop its state of the art platform.

Further, Stibits has put forth tremendous time and effort towards improving and developing its new, user-friendly GUI, that allows any prospective user to feel totally at ease and comfortable sending and receiving cryptocurrency. Soon enough, a major GUI revolution will transform both the crypto space and the money service space; Stibits plans to lead the pack in making both its online and mobile platform as simple to use, efficient, and aesthetically appeasing as possible. For these reasons, Stibits continues to devote time and resources towards researching user preferences, and thus working towards creating a product that will outshine all others competitors on the market.

Best and easy way to move digital money

Best and easy way to move digital money