Stibits®: Blockchain transfers made easy

Sending and receiving cryptocurrencies and other blockchain-based assets through traditional mediums is an undoubtedly daunting and challenging task. The technology is new and prone to data and privacy breaches. Often, users have difficulty successfully distributing finances to other users while maintaining ultimate control of their information, privacy and data encryption.

Stibits offers a premium platform through which users remain fully in control of their privacy and data and can send and receive cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based assets by providing basic information — name, phone number, or email address. In doing so, Stibits makes the process of sending and receiving cryptocurrencies significantly easier for users who lack technical proficiency in the new and emerging world of blockchain technology. In short, with Stibits you will be able to send or request cryptocurrency simply by entering the name, email address, or phone number of the recipient — enabling a completely secure and decentralized peer-to-peer transaction. Thus, Stibits is the first application to fully maximize the utility of the blockchain technology; and in doing so, Stibits has eliminated the need for individuals to have any prior expertise or background knowledge of cryptocurrencies or the underlying blockchain technology in order to send or receive cryptocurrencies in a fast, effective, easy and secure manner.

Cryptocurrencies are challenging to use and the prospect of purchasing and transferring cryptocoins can deter buyers from using blockchain-based purchasing platforms. More specifically, as it stands, crypto wallets are (a) generally difficult to use and prone to data breaches and/or hacking; (b) lacking decentralized solutions when associating a user’s e-mail address, phone number, or name to public keys; and, devoid of a multi-currency approach that offers data privacy. However, with Stibits, the difficulties associated with purchasing and transferring cryptocurrencies are wholly resolved.

Stibits allows for simplified cryptocurrency transactions and offers users complete data privacy — completely safe from any data breaches or hacking. The Stibits platform implements various methods for achieving this data privacy. For example, Stibits uses a different public address with each transaction. These public addresses cannot be traced to any user profile and, vice versa, user profiles cannot be traced back to any user public address. Adding a further layer of security to the Stibits platform, user wallets remain private and only the users themselves have access to the private keys. Moreover, nobody but the user themselves have access to their balance or exchange history — even during the process of completing transactions. On that note, not even Stibits employees have access to user keys. To ensure that the user has sole access to their private data, Stibits ensures that all information is encrypted with a passphrase created directly by the user. Furthermore, user contact information is always verified by Stibits — so that users can rest assured that they are always exchanging crypto with a real person.

In addition to data privacy and security, Stibits offers its users quick, simple and uninterrupted transactions. Sending money to another party using Stibits can be achieved in only a matter of seconds. Once the transaction has been completed, the recipient will receive a prompt notification alerting them to the fact that the funds have successfully been transferring. Stibits makes it that simple. Our platform has effectively eliminated the need to enter a length cryptocurrency address — often too difficult to type out for even those proficient in the field — and subsequently, exchanging cryptocurrency and blockchain-based assets has never been this easy.

Further, the Stibits platform was designed to be user-friendly, with every individual in mind. To that point, our wallets are available on various different platforms, including but not limited to: Android, iOS and computers/API. Our interactive wallets and interface also work to ensure interoperability — creating a bridge to other exchanges and various different cryptocurrencies. This interoperability — a major issue that most blockchains struggle with — enables our users to connect, consume, create and distribute finances in an unlimited and efficient manner, thereby allowing users to send and receive crypto payments to and from anyone, at anytime.

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