How Stibits Has Made Sending and Receiving Crypto easier for the masses

5 min readMay 26, 2020

During these chaotic and tumultuous times, reassurance — in any and all forms — comes much appreciated. With that in mind, the effects stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic have precipitated an onslaught of global economic ruin and devastation, the likes of which were, just a few months ago, unthinkable. Assuredly, many modern financial systems will continue to dive into an even further pit of uncertainly and despair, opening a clear and promising path for cryptocurrencies to emerge as a new, more reliable, and stable form of currency and value for many governments, organizations, and ordinary people throughout the globe. Hyper-inflation terrorizes the prospects of a quick global economic rebound; there exists a palpable sentiment amongst prominent economists that global economic hardship may linger for some time. In this rocky terrain, inflation-adverse cryptocurrencies — like Bitcoin — as well as stablecoins, backed to an underlying pool of stable assets — such as gold and silver — have emerged as what many financial experts and professionals deem to be a safer short and/or term investment than of that of equities and/or fiat currencies.

As more people traverse into the realm of blockchain technology, and specifically that of its major application, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies, they will find themselves often confused and lost by what are difficult-to-navigate payment platforms and esoteric technical mechanisms. Owing to this wave of confusion, users are oftentimes financially devasted and lose much of their value in cryptocurrencies — specifically because they send their crypto to the wrong address, or because of hackers. That’s exactly why Stibits, the first crypto and blockchain payment platform to add identity onto the blockchain, has taken it upon itself to make sending, receiving, and holding cryptocurrencies as simple and safe as possible. Now, users can and should feel confident in managing and sending cryptocurrencies on Stibits’ safe, simple, and easy-to-navigate wallet.

Users of cryptocurrencies often feel intimidated by the overly complex and difficult to use payment platforms in place; additionally, they fear losing their crypto in wrong-end-user transactions, which have and continue to cost crypto users millions upon millions of dollars in lost crypto a year. But thankfully, Stibits’ specialized platform has eliminated the need for lengthy key addresses, primarily by adding identity onto the blockchain and the Stibits platform. Specifically, users can send and receive cryptocurrencies (to and from friends and family, or whoever else they please) by simply providing some basic information, such as the name, phone number, or e-mail address of the intended recipient — as opposed to a long and complex key address that can easily be mistakenly inputted by users. In that sense, Stibits has created a brand-new-kind of platform, and in a more profound sense, a promise, by which all — regardless of their background and familiarity with the underlying core technologies — can and should feel comfortable sending and receiving crypto safely and easily. Stibits understands how daunting the process of moving cryptocurrency can be — especially for those with limited experience doing so — and thus, they have successfully built a platform where anyone, anywhere, and at any time, can easily and confidently move their crypto.

Additionally, users on Stibits can and should feel confident that their data is secure and safely encrypted. User data on Stibits is virtually impossible to hack or disrupt, thanks to Stibits’ state-of-the-art software security. You may have heard of incidents on other platforms where people’s wallets have been hacked and their crypto has been stolen. As it stands, most crypto wallets are generally difficult to use and prone to hacking. In a successful effort to solve this issue in the crypto space, Stibits has labored extensively to ensure that your data is entirely secure and protected from any outside hacking or interference. Stibits protects user data through various difference unique and effective means, such as using a different public key address with each transaction. Using different key addresses with each transaction ensures that users’ public addresses cannot be tracked back to anyone’s address. Moreover, Stibits also safeguards that users themselves are the only ones with access to their wallets and private keys. And to that extent, no one other than the Stibits user has access to his or her balance or exchange history. To further protect users, Stibits also verifies contact information during every transaction, as to protect users from interacting with any bots.

With Stibits, safety and simplicity are the name of the game. Stibits has made it easier and safer than ever to send and receive cryptocurrencies and blockchain-assets via its state-of-the-art, user-friendly payment platform that adds identity to the blockchain. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, users all throughout the globe are worried about how to best to send each other crypto currency in an effortless and frictionless method. The Stibits App, has done just that. It offers users a reliable and easy solution to exchange crypto currency without any prior experience.

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