How Stibits & Clover CAN Revolutionize the Way that Merchants & Consumers Transact with Cryptocurrencies

6 min readJul 5, 2020

As it stands, businesses and individuals are having a tough time transacting with cryptocurrencies on a regular basis. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, as major vehicles for sending and accepting payments, are faced with the obstacle of overcoming significant barriers to mass-adoption and popularity. Specifically, high transactional fees and difficult-to-navigate-user-interfaces associated with cryptocurrency and payment platforms make it difficult and financially unjustifiable for merchants to accept crypto from consumers on a daily basis. It is true that Stibits, a cryptocurrency payment platform, has resolved many of the former issues associating with sending and receiving cryptocurrencies– most notably those relating to security, compatibility, interoperability, and accessibility issues — but, for businesses to effectively transact with cryptocurrencies, even via Stibits, they would need to integrate the Stibits platform onto some viable and reliable point of sale system. If able to integrate the Stibits platform on a traditional point of sale system, they’d be able to easily transact with consumers using crypto, credit, and traditional fiat currency, all on the same external device and operating system, making their lives much easier.

So, what merchants lacked up until now was a platform that could leverage the benefits of Stibits and bridge consumers and businesses together. This problem has been responsible, to some extent, for derailing the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies and Stibits as vehicles to facilitate and improve e-commerce between consumers and businesses across various industries — that is until now. This is thanks to Clover, a state of the art POS (Point of Sale) system, gaining traction and popularity worldwide, and paving the way for merchants and consumers to comfortably transact with different payment options — all across the globe.

What is Clover?

Clover is a state-of-the-art point of sale system that enables merchants and consumers to transact anytime, anywhere with a variety of payment methods. Stibits is the leading cryptocurrency payment platform and wallet; Clover is the leading point of sale system — and together they can offer businesses the perfect opportunity to make a quick and seamless transition using cryptocurrency.

As it stands, the Clover POS does not allow for Cryptocurrency payments to be accepted, but Stibits believes that one day this may change. You may be wondering, “that’s all fine and good, but how can Clover eventually accept cryptocurrency payments?” If Stibits vision eventually becomes a reality, Merchants will be given the opportunity to create a Merchant Profile on Stibits, next, they will be able to download and connect to Stibits’ platform on the Clover system; and finally, merchants will be able to accept cryptocurrencies as payment (with a QR code given to them from Clover) from their consumers, either in person or remotely.

Clover can enable merchants and consumers to transact over Stibits anywhere, anytime. For example, with Clover, a merchant would be able to email a receipt of the transaction to the customer with a custom Stibits QR code and the merchant’s personal information, as verification. In that same e-mail (automatically prompted on the Clover system), the consumer would also be sent instructions for how to make a payment to the merchant’s Stibits wallet. Transacting with consumers over Stibits and a POS system can be accomplished, enabling the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies.

A Refresher on Stibits

To refresh readers’ memories, Stibits is a payment platform that resolves many of the issues traditionally associated with sending and receiving cryptocurrencies. As it currently stands, crypto wallets are (a) difficult to use and prone to data breaches and/or hacking; (b) lacking decentralized solutions when associating a user’s e-mail address, phone number, or name to public keys; and, wholly devoid of a multi-currency approach that offers data privacy. Stibits enables users to send and receive cryptocurrencies with their human identifier in a quick, easy, safe, and frictionless manner. Stibits is an especially valuable platform to businesses that would like to transact in cryptocurrencies but haven’t yet been able to find a platform with an easy-to-use-interface that makes it quick and safe to transact with the public.

Stibits offers ordinary users and merchants personalized wallet that give them far greater control and transparency over their data. Up to this point in time, there has been no widespread, popular point of sale system in existence that can leverage Stibits’ platform and allow businesses and users to transact in cryptocurrencies. Thankfully, that problem may soon be obsolete, and merchants will have a far easier time incorporating Stibits’ revolutionarily technology into their payment and operating systems.

Clover’s Far-Reaching Implications

Clover’s system can allow merchants to utilize Stibits and transact over the Stibits platform with consumers in both physical stores and remotely. Merchants, after integrating Stibits onto the Clover software and hardware system, will have the option of clicking on the Stibits app (on their Clover device) that will allow them to seek payments from consumers via Stibits. Once on the app, merchants can choose to “Print,” “Text,” or “Email” a receipt to a consumer. The merchant will choose one of these options, and the consumer will instantaneously be sent a custom QR code, as well as instructions on exactly how to make the payment. These simple-to-navigate payment options can make it easier and safer than ever for merchants to operate on their Stibits wallets and cryptocurrencies in the workplace. Thanks to Clover’s achievements in the POS space, and thanks to Stibits achievements in the cryptocurrency space, the two can make it easier for merchants and consumer to accept and transact with cryptocurrency, no matter what industry or where in the world they’re physically located. The Clover payment options can allow merchants to conduct business operations via Stibits and with cryptocurrencies anywhere in the world, and with the confidence that payments will be safely, quickly, and efficiently procured.

Numerous experts in the blockchain and crypto space have commented that the key to mass adoption of cryptocurrencies (and Stibits, for that matter) in the commercial space is the introduction and widespread usage of an easy-to-use, user-friendly POS system and payment platform that enables merchants and consumers of all walks of life to be able to confidently and seamlessly send and receive cryptocurrencies. This applies to all people, regardless of who they are and what previous background, exposure, and knowledge of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies they have. Thanks to Stibits and Clover, the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies as a legitimate source of currency in the commercial space is looking more and more like a reality with each passing day.

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